Engineer AI Assistant

More than just talking to technical specification
It's your second brain.


Help you quickly understand

Any technical documentation or any other type of academic paper

Translation and Interpretation

Helping you with any concepts in or out of the document

Q&A and Summarization

Support multi-document Q&A and summarization, support report generation

The Second Brain

With massive Parts data and over 100 industry-specific books, you can move effortlessly between component analysis and learning.

Powerful Document Keyword Highlighting

Pinpointing content within a document through Q&A and Search

Artificial Intelligence Models Trained on Massive Amounts of Data

over 100 Million components' data ranging on lifecycle status, lifecycle forecast, regulatory compliance, market availability, cross references and more!

Over 100 million electronic components.

More than 10,00 suppliers.

More than 300 component categories.

Plans & Pricing

Real-Time Precision Data Query & Data Analysis & Processing


Free General User


  • Free access to basic features
  • MLLM-Basic model, 10,000 Tokens/month
  • 3 Files / Day
  • File Size: < 2MB/Document
  • File type: PDF
  • Maximum number of documents to manage: 20 documents
  • Pro

    Professional Membership Users

    $3.99 / Continuous Monthly

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    First month $1.99
  • All features available
  • MLLM-Basic model, 100,000 Tokens/month
  • MLLM-Pro model, 50,000 Tokens/month
  • 10 documents/day
  • Full document translation support
  • File size: < 5MB/document
  • File types: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, KF8, AZW3, FB2, CBZ
  • Maximum number of documents to manage: 100 documents
  • Enterprise

    Premium Member (Corporate) User

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  • All features are available
  • MLLM-Basic model, unlimited traffic usage
  • MLLM-Pro model, 200,000 Tokens/month
  • API Access
  • 100 documents/day
  • Full document translation support
  • File Size: < 10MB/Document
  • File types: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, KF8, AZW3, FB2, CBZ
  • Maximum Document Management: Unlimited

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